Just when you thought technology couldn’t get any crazier, Dubai turns the corner in the jetpack game … and their latest gizmo’s got us thinking superheroes here.

The Crown Prince, Hamdan Mohammed, linked to a video Monday morning showing off a sweet flight path taken by pilot Vince Reffe — referred to as Jetman Dubai — who flies around the city with an incredibly advanced jetpack that lets him zip around like Iron Man.

Check it out … the dude doesn’t just hover (which we’ve seen before). He actually reaches high-level altitudes here — supposedly, as much as 1,800 meters in the air. And, BTW, this thing is pretty damn fast … he reached these heights in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but the pilot even does some light aerobatics up there before eventually using a parachute to come safely back down. There’s a GoPro-like camera attached to the wings of the jetpack, so you get an up-close-and-personal look at his journey. It’s wild.

So, real question … are we all just living in a Marvel movie now?

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