Whoever said Disney is the happiest place on Earth never tried to propose there, that’s for sure!

One man’s hope of a fairytale proposal was epically ruined by a Disney employee in a video that went viral over the weekend! And it’s seriously so mind-boggling!

In the clip, a man and his girlfriend stand on a platform at Disneyland Paris in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Just like every girl dream’s about one day, her guy gets down on one knee and pulls out an engagement ring from his pocket. But it wouldn’t be a Disney film without a villain – and they met there’s when a Disneyland staffer came running through the romantic moment literally right as she was about to say yes!

Without saying a word, the employee swooped in and snatched the engagement ring from the man’s hand, and proceeded to show them the exit. Very confused, the couple followed him down a set of stairs off the platform. The upset boyfriend then explained that another staff member permitted him to use the stage, but the employee wouldn’t have it, instructing them to do the proposal off the stage. And yet… at that point, the mood was already ruined. Ugh!

Take a look at the wild interaction (below)!


Why couldn’t the employee have just reprimanded the couple once she said yes?? He was already halfway through the proposal!

Viewers online slammed the employee for the rude interruption and his “smug” attitude afterward, saying:

“u telling me that the employee couldn’t wait 1 more min… that ring grab was so unnecessary”

“Oh please he could’ve pretended to be busy with other visitors for an extra 10 seconds. Snatching that ring off of the guy’s hand wasn’t his job.”

“The French being rude? Who’d of thought”

“a marriage proposal takes only like 5 seconds pls I would be fuming so hard at the staff

Because of all the backlash, a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek:

“We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

Let’s hope they get a magical Disney wedding out of this! LOLz!

Can you believe the way this went down?? Why do you think the couple was ousted from the stage if they supposedly got permission from someone else? Maybe only the people who pay the big bucks get to have their proposal in full view of the castle?? Let us know your reactions (below)!

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