Dakota Johnson is doing promotional rounds for her film, Our Friend. It also stars Jason Segel and Casey Affleck and is about a dying wife being cared for by her husband and their best friend. I’m not quite sold on it yet. But I do like Dakota, primarily because she is unflinchingly honest in interviews. This trait is even more entertaining because Dakota makes a habit of lying in her everyday life and then confessing to those lies in her interviews. We’ve only just recovered from learning that her love of limes is a blatant untruth, made up on the spot simply to be entertaining. And now there’s this: Dakota impersonates other famous people to get restaurant reservations. She did, at least, before her own name got her a table. While on The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew asked Dakota about pretending to be George Clooney to get tables. And I guess he heard about it – and didn’t care.

Did you or did you not used to make reservations at restaurants under the name George Clooney as to get the best table?

No, it wasn’t even to get the best table. It was just to get a reservation. But I did that.

But you met him, and he was (okay with it)

Yeah, weirdly. I had not met him yet, obviously, and he was like, “I’ve heard about what you’ve done.” I was like, “Oh my god.“ But he was cool with it.

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I asked the same thing Allison at DListed asked: was being the legacy of Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffin and Don Johnson really not enough to get a table in LA? Sheesh, tough crowd. It probably takes that kind of pedigree to have the guts to impersonate George Clooney’s party, though, so it counted for something. When Jimmy Fallon asked Dakota about this on The Tonight Show in 2019, he wanted to know what happened once she showed up at the joint sans George. She said she’d tell them George was on his way or meeting them later and they’d buy it every time. I can tell you from first-hand experience this is a blatant double standard. Most fancy pants places that require you to pretend to be Clooney to get a reservation won’t seat you until your whole party is present, and they will cancel your @ss if the others aren’t there within 15 minutes of the reserved time. But I guess if the outstanding person has an impressive IMDb page attached to their name, it’s a different set of rules.

How did George find out it was Dakota using his name? It must be a legacy hotline thing, information just gets around. I love that he was fine with it. This is just a great story all around.

I’ve included the Fun Facts with Dakota Johnson segment below because it’s cute. Drew asks her about learning how to be a cowgirl in Colorado from her dad. They also speak about the curated lists her production company, TeaTime, posts. Jimmy Fallon also asked her about those when she was on his show. I’ve only just now learned about them, they’re really good. They post them for music, films, books – you can check them out on their Instagram page.

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