Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have released “Ivory Tower,” a previously unreleased song they had recorded for their debut album, Déjà Vu.

A video for the song along with narration behind the making of it has debuted on Rhino Records’ YouTube channel. The clip features a montage of archival photos of Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Neil Young, as well as drummer Dallas Taylor and bassist Greg Reeves.

Stills wrote “Ivory Tower.” The video narration says he had intended to record it for Manassas. The song eventually evolved as “Little Miss Bright Eyes” for Stills’ solo project.

Stills says the lyrics for the song were inspired by several women he new from Laurel Canyon scene and that the song was about “those who think they are more than they are, and they hold forth.”

“This song fits perfectly for today because it’s just so mean. Social networking caught up with it,” he adds.

The song is now set to feature on the group’s upcoming expanded 50th anniversary reissue of Déjà Vu, due out on May 14. The deluxe edition will be issued as a four-CD/one-vinyl LP set, a deluxe five-LP package and digitally. In addition to the album’s ten original songs, the re-issue will also feature 38 extra tracks.

(Photo: Rhino)

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