Courtney Cox covers the latest issue of Marie Claire, in an interview which was conducted during the SAG-AFTRA strike. But it’s okay, because she’s promoting one of her side-gigs. Before now, I did not realize how many celebrities had side-gigs which they will gleefully promote with magazine interviews, but here we are. Cox’s side-gig is Homecourt, which started out as a line of candles but now includes high-end household and cleaning products. In some ways, playing Monica on Friends was a natural fit for Cox, because she really is a clean-freak who loves to deep clean her house. This woman’s natural habitat is knee-deep into a closet reorganization. So, this interview was sort of funny. Some highlights:

She notices everything: “I made this term up, but I feel like I suffer from acute awareness. It’s a pro and a con, but I can’t help but notice everything.”

Letting go of fear: “I used to do a lot of things out of fear, even making connections with people, checking in with people…not taking a chance, a risk. Now, fear doesn’t play nearly as big of a part in my life. I push myself more.”

She’s involved with every detail of Homecourt: “There are a ton of celebrity brands, but I don’t know if all the celebrities that have brands are as involved [as I am]. It’s not something that I’m just getting paid to do; I’m not getting paid. I want it to be perfect. I want it to be the best it can be.”

She loves interior design & seems to have a photographic memory: “I’ve gone through so many different styles. If you [ask me later], ‘what does this room look like?’ I would almost be able to recite every single color, every single thing that I see.”

How she’s made friends: “When I moved to California, I didn’t have any family out here. I was like, I need a community. Where’s the gathering?” Cox took it upon herself to solve the problem. Almost every Sunday for the last 25 years, she has opened her home to new and old friends for casual dinner parties. “People will call and say, ‘Hey, is it okay if I bring three friends?’” Cox says. She’s never said no, even if she would sometimes like to (“I’m not great at that,” she says). Plus, she never knows who she might meet. It was at one of these dinner parties that Cox was introduced to her current partner of 10 years, Johnny McDaid, a musician, who tagged along with his friend and musical collaborator, Ed Sheeran. Other guests have included Taylor Swift, Prince Harry, and Brandi Carlile.

The empty-nester: Her daughter Coco is now in her first semester of college. “I miss that girl every minute,” she says. They FaceTime often; with the dogs too, though “Bear never looks into the camera.” Cox had just visited Coco the week before. “I found myself expecting [to run] into each other’s arms,” she says, laughing. But their reunion wasn’t quite so dramatic. Adds Cox, “I expected her to need more than she does. It’s an adjustment.”

[From Marie Claire]

What she says about Coco hit me hard – Coco is an only child of divorced parents, and I’m sure she’s going through it in her own way, being away from her mom. She just can’t show Courteney that! It’s tough being an only child, especially the first year away at college. As for Homecourt, I’m sure Courteney is saying everything with perfect sincerity, but literally every celebrity with their own side-gig or brand cites “I’m in charge of packaging” as an example of how “involved” they are. Courteney is like “no really, the packaging is based on this and this, that shows how involved I am!” They all do that. But I buy that Cox is very involved.

Cover & IG courtesy of Marie Claire.

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