Colleen Ballinger is opening up about keeping her name since marrying Erik Stocklin.

The YouTube and now Broadway star did a Q&A video on her channel and the question about changing her name came up.

“I’ve been asked this question A LOT, and I feel like I should just address it and hopefully people stop asking me this,” Colleen says.

“I did not change my last name, my last name is still Ballinger because I didn’t want to change my last name. It’s that simple,” she continues. “I don’t know, I just didn’t see the point in changing my last name. Erik was even the one, originally he was like, ‘You’re not going to change your last name right, that would be weird.’ If he wanted to change his last name to Ballinger, cool. If I wanted to change my last name to Stocklin, cool, but neither of us wanted to change our last names so we didn’t.”

“When we were naming Flynn, I liked the last name Stocklin better for Flynn, and also, there’s already a bunch of Ballinger babies. We need a Stocklin one in the mix,” Colleen added about her son’s last name.

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