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Caroline Quentin has been reported as one of the first stars to compete in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing series alongside comedian Bill Bailey. According to The Sun, the pair are set to appear in the latest series which is set to air later this year in October.

How old is Caroline Quentin?

Caroline was born on July 11, 1960, which makes the actress 60 years old.

During an interview with the Guardian in 2011, Caroline spoke of her worries of maintaining an acting career in her fifties.

She told the publication: “I worry about where my next job is coming from.

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“A while back, I didn’t work for 10 months, and I thought the bubble had burst.

“I thought, ‘I’m 50, maybe it’s all over’. In the current climate, if there’s work I feel lucky to have a sniff of it.”

The actress went on to say how she has become well known for playing motherly roles.

“I’m very aware that I’ve cornered the market in working mum roles for the past 10 years.

“Before that I had the bolshy girlfriend market. The 10 years before that I did a fine line in working-class tarts.”

Caroline is married to husband Sam Farmer who is 10 years younger than her.

The Jonathan Creek actress has previously spoken of how their age gap does not bother her.

Talking to the Telegraph in 2010, Caroline said: “But the gap has never mattered remotely to either of us, or to anyone who knows us.

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“Sometimes I’m the grown-up, sometimes he is.

“We nurture each other at different times. And the older we get, the less it seems to matter.

“Yes, I’m nearly 50. But he’ll be 40 in a couple of years too, so neither of us is a spring chicken.”

She went on to talk about her feelings towards hitting the milestone age.

Caroline added: “Around 50 seems to be a critical time. Maybe it’s then that you realise that life is shorter than you once thought, and there are things you feel you’ve missed out on.

“But having been through a divorce once myself, I know that it is the most awful, unhappy time that a person can possibly go through.

“And I also know that the grass is only as green as you make it. For me, a future without Sam in it is just something that never, ever crosses my mind.

“I always joke with him that he’s never getting away from me. I’m dim but I’m not stupid.”

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