Camila Cabello is chatting about what’s coming next with her music and we all need to get ready!

The 22-year-old singer opened up to Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 about her new album, including writing from a new perspective of being in a relationship.

“I’ve always been personal, it’s just when you have real stories there’s a detail it’s impossible. I have this one song with Finneas and he’s an incredible artist and songwriter we were just talking about this day. I had right before the writing session and there was so much detail it clicked for me,” she shares. “‘Oh yeah, I can do this now because it’s easy.’”

Camila continues, “Whereas my first album a song like ‘Never Be The Same’, which is one of my fave songs I’ve ever written, is coming from a place like ‘This is what it would be like to be in love. Oh this is what I felt like this one time a year ago but the depth from being in a relationship and having fights is’ – I didn’t even know the concepts of the song I wrote.”

Camila also talked about how fans can expect new music really soon.

“There is more coming I’m gonna be releasing a lot of music in the next few weeks so that’ll be really fun. I’m really excited this is def the album I feel like in my life as an artist I just want to get closer and closer to who I am and I feel like I’ve gotten closer with this album.”

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