Several years back, Benedict Cumberbatch unexpectedly won an Emmy for Sherlock. I tend to believe Bendy didn’t even think he had a chance at winning, and that’s why he didn’t even bother turning up to the Emmy Awards that year. He’s tried to rectify that oversight – he went to last year’s Emmys when he was nominated for the Patrick Melrose miniseries, and everyone thought he would be a shoo-in for the Best Actor (in a miniseries/TV movie) then. He didn’t win. But thankfully, Bendy finally won something for Patrick Melrose – a BAFTA TV Award! So, good for him.

The BAFTA TV Awards were last night and this is probably the only post I’ll do about them – Bendy took one of the big acting awards, and Jodie Comer won a BAFTA for Killing Eve. In Bendy’s speech, he thanked his wife, his “rock,” Sophie Hunter:

He shared a rare public moment of affection with Sophie Hunter on the BAFTA TV Awards red carpet. And Benedict Cumberbatch thanked his wife for being ‘his rock’ as he made an emotional speech during the ceremony on Sunday night. The actor, 42, scooped the coveted Leading Actor gong for his portrayal as Patrick Melrose in the eponymous drama miniseries, and was sure to thank his partner of 20 years.

In his sweet speech, the star gushed: ‘Oh my gosh I think I’m gonna fall over… Thank you to BAFTA fot this this, it’s even more of a gift when this material is refined by David, produced by Rachel and my best friend Adam Ackland… There is one other person in this world I have to thank and that’s my wife Sophie, you were my rock. I had to go pretty weird for this there were some things I had to do and it was very nice to come home and feel stable again.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Well… I’m happy for him, I guess. It’s been such a whirlwind with Bendy the past five years. But I guess Sophie is good for him and I’m glad he’s still winning awards for his work and going home to his “rock.” They’re super-awkward on the red carpet together though, right?

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