Incredible scene in Australia following the team’s huge World Cup victory Wednesday … fans took to the streets of Melbourne with flares and parties to celebrate — at 4 AM!!

Aussie supporters started to go wild just seconds after Australia defeated Denmark, 1-0, in Qatar to advance to the round of 16 for the first time since 2006 … and in a matter of minutes, the celebration grew to insane proportions.

Videos, which have now gone viral, show hundreds of people jumping up and down as smoke and fires from flares covered the sky.

Of course, during the game, fans were going crazy as well … with one video showing people losing their minds following Matthew Leckie‘s game-deciding goal.

With the win, Australia will now play next on Sunday.

The opponent has yet to be determined — but we’re sure the party if the team is able to pull out another win will be on regardless.

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