• AT&T’s ad division, Xandr, has added Bloomberg and Vudu to its video marketplace that lets advertisers buy ads across multiple publishers.
  • The 4-month old marketplace is one way Xandr is positioning itself to not be a so-called walled garden for advertisers.
  • A+E Networks, Vice and Hearst Magazines are also part of the marketplace in addition to AT&T’s brands.
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AT&T’s advertising unit Xandr wants to cozy up to big publishers.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it has added Bloomberg and Walmart-owned streaming service Vudu to its video ad marketplace called Community.

Xandr pitches Community to advertisers and publishers as a way to buy and sell video ads across multiple publishers, including AT&T’s brands like CNN and Warner Bros. Since launching in May, Xandr has signed deals that allow AT&T to sell some advertising from external publishers like Hearst Magazines, Cheddar, A+ E Networks, and Vice. Xandr also sells advertising space on streaming video apps Tubi, Xumo, and Philo.

Advertisers use Community to balance their investments between TV and digital. For example, AT&T’s trove of data can identify “light TV viewers.” Advertisers say they’ve used Xandr to find TV-like audiences online to hit their reach and frequency goals.

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“Our mission is to build a platform to help other companies monetize inventory,” said Brian Lesser, CEO of Xandr in a statement.

Xandr announced its deals with Bloomberg and Vudu at its Relevance Conference in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Marketers are skeptical that AT&T can work across the industry

Some marketers say it’s unclear how much data and proprietary technology the telecom giant will share, however.

AT&T is also competing with similar technology that networks are developing, such as Open A.P., a joint venture with NBCUniversal, Fox Corp. and Viacom. AT&T’s WarnerMedia was also involved in Open A.P. beforepulling its involvement in April.

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