Ashley Graham is officially back to modeling after giving birth to her son Isaac just seven months ago. The 32-year-old starred in the new campaign for her collection in collaboration with Swimsuits For All. In the images, shot by her husband Justin Ervin at their home in Nebraska, Graham wears a two-piece suit showing off the post-pregnancy stretch marks on her belly.

"I've got more weight on me. I've [got] stretch marks, and in the beginning, I really had to have a lot of conversations with myself and tell myself, 'Okay, new body, new mindset,'" she told People in an exclusive interview. "But after this photoshoot, I felt so empowered because I was like, 'Yes. I look good. I feel good. This is my new mom bod'."

Graham also pointed out that none of the images were retouched in any way. "There's always a question of what do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out? And I said, 'Nothing'," except a clamp holding up the DIY backdrop," she said. "I want everybody to know genuinely… I want people to see who I am because everybody has a story."

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The collection consists of several different styles including a lace-front one piece, a colorful bikini, and a mismatched leopard print two-piece. "The thing about working with Swimsuits For All is that I've always been able to design swimsuits that I want to wear and swimsuits that I'm really comfortable in," the model told People. "Now with a new postpartum body, I thought that things were going to feel different and that they were going to look different, and they do, but it's a new found joy in that."

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