Armie Hammer‘s ex-girlfriend is accusing the actor of some very disturbing behavior — licking the blood from a brand he allegedly forced upon her.

Paige Lorenze — who dated Hammer for a few months at the end of 2020 — tells Dr. Oz the “Call Me By Your Name” star branded her with the letter “A” above her pubic area, then licked her fresh wound as it was bleeding … causing her to worry about it becoming infected.

She says … “He was licking it, drinking the blood, and then I basically just showered after, tried to clean it up as best as I could.” She claims the brand has not healed properly.

In the ‘Oz’ episode airing Friday, Paige goes on to describe how the branding happened … alleging she was tied up when Hammer asked her where he should put his initials on her. She says she didn’t answer, and he just began carving her.

She claims Armie knew this made her uncomfortable, but he was in a position of power and she just wanted to please him.

Hammer’s been embroiled in controversy since last month after some shocking, but unverified, DMs he allegedly sent to women began circulating online.

We broke the story … the scandal resulted in him exiting a J Lo movie, but Armie told us, “I’m not responding to these b******* claims.”

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