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Alexandra Burke has hit back at accusations of favouritism on the latest series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Currently featured on the show as a contestant, the singer has been left feeling down as viewers believe she has benefited from special treatment by Ant Middleton.

The former X factor winner put a stop to the speculation when questioned about this on The One Show Tuesday evening.

"I can absolutely just reassure people that there is no favouritism on this show at all, whatsoever,” she said, bursting out in laughter at the suggestion, before adding:

"I wish I had some favouritism because I broke my ribs for crying out loud."

Addressing the claims, she continued. “I read that article and it really upset me, I was like 'really?' because you have your microphones on at every single given moment.

"They hear everything you're doing, seeing everything you're doing and there is no favouritism so I just want to put that to bed and just say that, that did not happen at all."

Curiosity of favouritism grew, not only amongst those watching, but within the rest of the celebrity cast participating on the show as they observed Ant’s behaviour towards Alexandra during tasks.

The notoriously tough instructor noticeably warmed to the 33-year-old, even calling her by her surname rather than her number, as usually addressed to recruits – leaving viewers shocked.

"Ant appeared to take a shine to Alexandra on SAS and it didn't go unnoticed by the show's stars and the crew,” a source said.

"The show is known for being gruelling and incredibly tough — and Ant is known for never going easy on anyone.

"But from the word go the others thought he treated Alexandra differently.”

Alexandra insisted on The One Show however this was not the case, looking back on her experience as a demanding, but ultimately rewarding one.

“It was amazing – even talking about it and watching it, I get sweaty palms I won't lie.

"Reliving all those moments again, it doesn't bring back the most tremendous memories, it does make me really nervous talking about it."

Despite this, it is still being claimed that Alexandra received better treatment all round.

"During filming, he would be seen taking her to one side for a chat,” the same source to the show continued.

“At points, they'd even take their microphones off so no one could hear what they were saying.

"Some of the other celebs complained that she was getting special treatment."

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