The NBA will NEVER make its employees play nice with Donald Trump … that’s according to league commissioner Adam Silver, who says if teams want to skip the White House, it’s their prerogative.

No NBA champion has visited Donald Trump since he’s occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with last year’s Warriors actually opting to visit Barack Obama instead of the sitting Prez.

It’s been quite the controversy, with many people suggesting players from all sports should put patriotism over politics and go to the White House. Some think the leagues should compel the players to go. 

We got the NBA commish in D.C. and he says that’ll NEVER happen in his league, telling our guy if teams want to skip it … so be it.

“It’s a team decision, we’ll see who the champion is this year, and what they decide.”

There are 7 teams left in the NBA playoffs — Milwaukee, Portland, Denver, Houston, Toronto, Philly and Golden State. Last year, the Warriors famously blew off Trump to meet with Obama.

“A lot of our players still have relationships with President Obama and I think it’s wonderful,” Silver told us … “Players make their own decisions, organizations make their own decisions.”

Speaking of Obama, Silver also talked about the NBA’s ongoing relationship with #44, and how they’re partnering to do some big things in Africa.

“President Obama is doing a lot with the NBA. We announced down in Charlotte at the All-Star game that he was gonna be involved in Africa with us, we’re starting a league down there. He’s one of our partners.”

Silver’s a busy guy these days — on Thursday, he was a featured speaker at a 400-person luncheon at the Economic Club in D.C. where he talked about the NCAA’s 1-and-done issue

Among the high-profile guests in the crowd … Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — who’s a big basketball fan. 

In fact, Kavanaugh famously still coaches his daughter’s youth basketball team. 

No word if Silver and Kavanaugh connected after the event — but maybe they should … after all, the Lakers are still looking for someone to replace Luke Walton

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