TikTok’s Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Are Here With the Perfect Summer Nail Polish Collection

When you think of your traditional creative outlets, music, dancing, and art probably come to mind, but there are endless ways to express yourself with beauty, and that’s not just limited to makeup or hair. Nails are also one of the easiest ways to showcase your creativity.

Nail art and designs aside, simply choosing a certain nail polish color can reflect your personality. Bright colors can give off an electric energy, for example, while neutral shades can help you feel calm and grounded. That’s why Orosa Beauty partnered with TikTok creators Charli and Dixie D’Amelio for a collaboration called Coastal Craze, which encourages beauty-lovers to use nail polish as a form of self-expression and make a statement.

“I love doing my nails,” Charli told POPSUGAR. “That’s something that I’ve really enjoyed doing and that I’ve always been very good at keeping up with. The little things, like getting your nails done with fun colors that match your personality, is something that may seem so small but is really cool.” Dixie, who fell in love with painting her nails agreed: “I never really wore nails cause I was playing sports, but when I did, it just made me so much happier, and I felt so much more put-together.”

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