With over 2.4 million followers on TikTok & 1.2 million on IG, Carrington Durham is a social media genius. The creator shared her tips to go viral & discussed her new makeup collection with Lottie London!

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From her mukbangs, to her beauty vlogs to her singing sessions, Carrington Durham can really do it all! The social media star, whose new collection with Lottie London drop exclusively on ASOS.com, spoke to HollywoodLife.com about how others can produce viral content just like her, and new makeup line. “I feel like my biggest thing is staying consistent. Being consistent is such a such a key in going viral,” Carrington told HL. “Also, just not being too much of a perfectionist, obviously care about the content that you’re putting out. But just put it out. I know a lot of people who just really, really hold back. And they’re like, ‘but it’s not good enough, blah, blah, blah, I’m like, Listen, just put it out. And you never know what’s going to be your thing that happens to just blow up.”

Carrington, 22, covers an array of categories on her personal TikTok, and is part of the TikTok collective ClubHouse, which also is the home of creators Gabriella Saraivah, Katrina Stuart and Devyn Kohl. “I feel like for us content creators not a lot has changed with quarantine because everything that we were doing was from our homes, anyway,” she said of her day to day life in Beverly Hills. “We still are able to create the content that we create… Collaborating has been a little bit different, but I live with a bunch of my friends and a bunch of creators anyways, so I kind of have that if I walk downstairs!”

Another collaboration Carrington has currently is with makeup brand Lottie London! “Lottie is an incredible brand and I’ve been using their products for a really, really long time. We basically created this package, where every essential that you possibly need, whether you like natural makeup or full glam makeup, is available for you,” she explained. “I’m just so excited because I’ve been wanting to do a makeup club like this for so long, because I’ve been very known for my makeup blogs on YouTube. So, the fact that I’m finally putting this stuff out is just so so exciting.”

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