I know I'm not the only one who was blown away (pun intended) by Meghan Markle's hair on that Time cover. Sure, plenty of memes circulated that compared Prince Harry to Markle's hairdresser (it's the pose, guys!), but I personally think that also speaks to just how major of a hair moment Markle had. Her long, ultra-voluminous tresses stole the show, and we know exactly which products were used to achieve that enviable blowout. 

The mastermind behind Markle's cover shoot hair was none other than Serge Normant, hair stylist to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and the creator of hair products that have completely changed the look of my fine, flat hair. Immediately when I learned he was behind Markle's best hair moment of the year, I DMed him on Instagram and had to ask about the product breakdown — and to no surprise, the game-changing Dream Big Instant Volumizing products that SJP once called "a must" were used. 

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Normant used a mix of products from the Dream Big range to create Markle's gorgeous, jaw-droppingly perfect blowout. He first worked the Dream Big Texturizing Mousse into damp hair to lift and boost the roots. If you, like me, don't usually like to use mousse for the simple reason that it often weighs strands down and leaves hair feeling greasy, have no fear. Normant's mousse is oh-so-light and has never left my tresses feeling sticky or oily.

Normant also used my personal favorite on Markle: the Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray that provides unmatched texture to hair that can otherwise fall flat. Let me tell you: My hair is usually very bland — I don't use a lot of heat because I'm worried about doing more damage than good, but when I discovered this texturizing spray, I realized I don't need to. A simple spritz-spritz of this on my roots gives a blow-out like boost without the heat. It's no wonder SJP is obsessed, too.

After applying the spray onto my hair, it looks thicker, it looks sexier, it looks like it's full of secrets (just kidding, but you get the idea). But unlike other texturizing sprays, I can actually still comb through it without feeling like I'm ripping out strand after strand. 

Other products Normant used on Markle include the Meta Luxe Hairspray that provides no-budge hold (no matter how windy!) as well as a Dry Oil Shine Spray to enhance shine and keep flyaways a bay. 

If you, like me, were blown away by Markle's hair, scoop up the exact products that were behind it below. You won't regret it.

Shop now: $25; amazon.com

Shop now: $25; amazon.com

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