It's hard to believe there was ever a time when vitamin C wasn't in our skincare lineups. Whether it's fading dark spots, improving fine lines, or protecting against sun damage, the multitasking ingredient does it all while giving your complexion a healthy dose of glow in the process.

For that reason, we're always on the lookout for the vitamin C products creating a buzz among beauty shoppers. Such is the case with Admire My Skin Citrus Glow Drops — a beloved formula that's been called the "the royalty of facial oils" and is on sale for $22 right now. 

Created by the brand behind some of Amazon's most popular anti-aging serums, the oil drops are a versatile way of incorporating the hero ingredient into your existing routine, whatever it may be. That means you can either use the liquid drops on their own, by applying a few drops daily after serum and before moisturizer and sunscreen, or you can add it into your foundation for an added boost of dewy goodness.

Since it brings together vitamin C, vitamin E, argan oil, and rosehip oil, the resulting formula has a range of benefits that make it a favorite among even the skincare pros.  "I have used a ton of facial products over the years and I'm also a licensed esthetician so I know what to look for in terms of quality ingredients," one shopper said. "I have never loved a product more than this face oil. It feels light, nourishing, and like I'm feeding my skin with a nice cocktail of vitamin C like I just got a facial at a spa. I like to blend several drops with my regular facial moisturizer or just on its own." 

With more than 1,900 perfect ratings and counting, the non-comedogenic oil drops are winning over customers of all ages, too. "I'm an older lady with dry skin," said another customer. "This product is fabulous! It gives my face the most beautiful glow, even my husband noticed it and that in itself is saying something. I have gone out without any face make-up and received compliments on my glowing skin… If you are 60 plus and looking for something to give you that youthful glow again this is for you."

If you're ready to add the multi-hyphenate ingredient to your own routine, head to Amazon to get the shopper-approved vitamin c oil while it's on sale for $22. 

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