• Bubble ponytails are a huge hair trend right now.
  • The chic look is easy to achieve in just a few simple steps.
  • Below, we break down the easiest way to achieve a bubble ponytail.

The bubble ponytail is the kind of hairstyle Carrie Bradshaw would wear in “Sex and the City.” It is equal parts flirty and chic but offers a new twist on an old classic that’s a little more fun. It also happens to be a current big hairstyle trend, so if you’re looking for a cute go-to that’s easy yet impactful, this one’s for you.

After all, who doesn’t want to be able to look cute without the need to heat style, spend hours sitting in front of a mirror, or even wash our hair, really? It’s a tall order, but the bubble ponytail fits the bill. You’ve probably seen this chic updo all over social media, but what you may not realize is just how easy it is to re-create at home.

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