Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, planning an outfit for an upcoming wedding is, more often than not, a challenging task. Sure, you may already know exactly what dress you’re wearing for the occasion. And you’ve probably gotten your hair and makeup look down to an art. But then come the finishing touches, which include accessories and shoes.

If you’re the one planning to say “I do” at the end of the aisle, the tricky part to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your big day is finding ones that go with your wedding dress. Sometimes, this may be in the form of a simple and classic stiletto heel. Of course, if you don’t want to spend your entire day with aching feet, you can also go for comfortable wedding shoes with a low heel, instead (especially if you’re going for an alternative bridal look as a modern bride).

Now, wedding shoes aren’t strictly reserved for the one preparing her nuptials. If you’re part of the bridal party, or you’re in the audience as a guest, odds are you have to consider stylish options to go with your outfits, too.

We know the search for the perfect wedding shoe, no matter who you are, is easier said than done. So, we at ET Style scanned the internet and pulled together our favorites for you to shop in one place.

Whether you’re spending the wedding day in a bridal dress and veil, you’re standing next to the one making her vows or you’re simply attending, scroll down to shop our favorite wedding shoes to wear this spring.

For the Bride

For the Bridal Party

For the Guests

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