Did you know that using vitamin C consistently in your skincare routine can make your skin look immediately brighter, smoother, and more clear? It's true. The powerhouse ingredient diminishes breakouts, reduces sun damage, and eases hyperpigmentation. Thanks to Olay's newest serum, adding it to your routine is easy — just add a few drops and watch how quickly your skin transforms. The best part? The vitamin C in the serum teams up with peptides to keep the skin hydrated and bouncy, not dry and tight.

The Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Brightening Serum is a new member of the Olay family, and it's already taking the spotlight thanks to its illuminating results. The serum promises to brighten the skin overall and keep it moisturized. According to the brand, in just one day of use, you'll see visible results. After a month, "skin will appear more even and have a healthy, brightened glow." 

Shop now: $29 (Originally $39), olay.com

The serum uses a dynamic blend of ingredients that deliver results. The main components, vitamin C and amino peptides, play nicely together without causing irritation and redness. The vitamin C drastically brightens the skin while the peptides keep skin cells firm.

There is also lactic acid (an AHA that exfoliates and improves signs of aging). Michelle Wong, cosmetic chemist and founder of Lab Muffin, previously told InStyle that while lactic acid is an exfoliant, it's also a hydrating humectant. "It can hydrate your skin, reduce clogged pores, smooth out skin texture and help fade pigment," she said. With this combination of ingredients, it's no surprise that the serum works wonders.

Although the formula speaks for itself, shoppers also praise the serum's results. One shopper wrote, "I was mind blown." They added, "I've used a more expensive brand of serum, and it doesn't even compare to how amazing the Olay one worked for me. It left my skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and absolutely very nicely. I noticed a difference in my skin by the next morning! I couldn't wait to compare after a full two weeks of applying morning and night. Huge!! Huge difference in my skin, and I love it! It made my skin look amazing and lightened my acne scars dramatically!!! Run, don't walk to grab a bottle of this liquid gold!!"

"Perfect product once again, Olay. You have once again knocked it out of the park!" another reviewer said. They continue to praise the serum, adding, "it has a very even covering, very silky smooth texture and no greasy, oily feeling afterward." The shopper also notes that the serum's scent is very light and floral, but not strong or overbearing.

A final shopper says that the vitamin C and peptide-infused formula gave them clearer skin. "The dark marks from acne and the dark circles under my eyes are barely visible in less than a week of using Olay's product. It also did a great job erasing the dark (light brown) skin folds on my neck," they wrote.

If you're ready to say goodbye to dull skin and welcome in a radiant glow, then head to Olay to add the Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Brightening Serum to your cart. You can also shop for other brightening products from the line, including a face wash, eye cream, and moisturizer.

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