I Can Thank This Cult-Favorite Brush For My Touch-Free Makeup Routine — Because Germs

Imagine this: You’re mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and there, nestled between another selfie and a meme, is an ad. But not just any ad — one that makes your thumb stop. It’s rare that I pay attention to ads when I’m on the app, let alone one that makes me stop and seriously consider buying whatever it’s selling. Yet that’s exactly how I stumbled upon my latest obsession: an Artís makeup brush.

You’ve probably seen the videos of influencers using these brushes to apply everything from tinted SPF to concealer. But what attracted me was the flawless finish they created. Could using one of these brushes really deliver the same natural finish as applying product with my fingers? The answer is yes. After all, the more I can avoid touching my face these days, the better. My everyday makeup routine has never been easier — or more germ-free. Thanks, Instagram.

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