Easy but Impactful Holiday Makeup Looks For Virtual Celebrations

This year’s holiday celebrations are unusual, to say the least. Ah, let’s be honest — they’re kind of weird! But while it may be disappointing to miss IRL toasts and hugs, look on the bright side: technology means we don’t have to fully sacrifice our social lives, we will save actual lives by doing the video party thing, and next year’s holidays will be a lot better when we can be together again. Plus, you can still get all dressed up for a streaming get-together, complete with some festive makeup to make things feel a smidge more normal.

So go on, make an iCal date, and plan a festive look already. And if you need inspiration for easy, quick holiday party makeup that will look good even if your Wi-Fi gets sluggish, look no further than e.l.f. Cosmetics. The brand is known for creating on-trend makeup that won’t bust your budget. Keep reading for ideas and product recommendations for this uniquely onscreen season of holiday parties.

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