Ditch the Dark Hues For Pastels and Brights With Olive & June’s Spring 2021 Collection

Giving myself a manicure is one of the few times I get to have a moment to myself and a staycation. Getting to experiment with different colors and styles, attempting nail art, and giving my hands and feet the love they deserve makes me feel like a million bucks. After several months of rocking dark maroons, jewel tones, and sparkly golds, I’m ready for some vibrant colors that remind me of paradise.

The Olive & June Spring 2021 Collection has the perfect range of trendy nail colors for springtime. I love bold and bright colors, but I tend to stay away from pastels since I never think they will work with my skin tone. This collection has made me look at pastels in a new light. These pastels are opaque and show up beautifully on me. I have a newfound appreciation for pastels and how they pop on my complexion.

Whether you love soft pastels or bold and bright hues, this collection has it all. Even if it’s too cold to dress like it’s spring, at least your manicures and pedicures can revel in these gorgeous tropical shades.

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