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2023’s hair trend reports predict the return of subtle-yet-shiny highlights with ‘candlelit brunette’.

While the 00s and 10s were widely considered the decade where blonde reigned supreme, in the last few years we’ve been inundated with trend after trend for brunettes. Whether it’s winter gold, burnished brunette or ‘twilighting’, you can be sure that we’re always looking for a way to get that warm, laidback yet polished blend.

Enter for 2023: ‘candlelit brunette’. The latest trending colour is exactly what it sounds like: glossy brown lengths mixed with soft, light streaks, like the glow of a candle.

Combining rich tones with low maintenance, it’s no wonder that the term already has over 7.5 million views on TikTok.

According to hair stylist and salon owner Grace Robinson, the trend is so popular because of its minimal upkeep. “Because of the warmer, melted tones, it works for both summer and winter, meaning you don’t need any drastic measures to keep it looking fresh,” she tells Stylist.

And it couldn’t be more perfect for first-timers. “I think it’s a great way to introduce colour if you’ve never had balayage before,” she says. While warmer tones usually suit most darker haired people, Robinson suggest always asking your colourist for advice, as they will know the tones of your skin and what will suit you best.

How to get candlelit brunette at the salon

As for what to ask your stylist for, Robinson suggests requesting a “low balayage with warm tones through the mid-lengths and ends”. This ensures no harsh streaks or lines, as well as preserving your base colour and blending your natural roots for softer growth.

Soft, multidimensional and natural-looking highlights. What more could you want for winter?

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