Our curves are the envy of millions.

We love hard!

We’re the fiercest runway walkers.

We have endurance under pressure.

We’re tough, loyal caretakers…naturally maternal.

We make history!

We are straight-up.

We play to win.

We are strong yet feminine.

We look fabulous in strong hair color.

We are creative beyond measure.

We age like no other.

We are resilient.

We have kissable lips.

We break barriers every day.

We’re “It” girls!

We have a sense of style and confidence that’s all our own.

We stay fly, whether we’re rocking an afro, a bob, braids, a press n’ curl or a even a close crop.

We are the matriarchs of our community.

We are fearless leaders, strong enough to hold the world on our shoulders.

Our bodies create art.

Brown skin complements every color.

Our faces can carry major lashes. 

We’re role models.

We’re role models.

The old saying is true…good black don’t crack!

We set our own trends.

Our hairstyles are naturally gorgeous. 

My ancestors had brown skin, and they’re beautiful to me.

We can be glam tomboys.

We’ve always rejected “grunge chic” trends going for the fabulous and the glamour.

We whip our hair back and forth.

And yet, we are not our hair.

We are powerful beyond measure.

Our bodies are strong and firm.

We are natural beauties.

We come in a zillion shades, and they’re all gorgeous. 

Our smiles light up the world.

We don’t leave the house with crazy hair.

We sport the most gorgeous pregnancy glow.

We’re mentors, ready to guide a young person.

We rock a fierce red lip.

Our cheekbones could cut glass.

From Lil Kim to Oprah, we come in a zillion different flavors—and they’re all gorgeous.

From Lil Kim to Oprah, we come in a zillion different flavors—and they’re all gorgeous.

From our cheek and collar bones to the shape of our calves—our contours are distinctive and remarkable.

We are originators of style and class.

Our features shine in shimmery makeup. 

Our skin looks exquisite in vivid colors.

Cornrows accentuate our natural, God-given beauty.

We look stunning without makeup.

Our voices are melodic, soulful and strong.

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