Nowadays, when it comes to learning about the latest trends, people head over to TikTok to see what’s getting people excited. With nearly a billion users, it should come as no surprise that the popular app is the place to be for keeping up with current trends.

With the ability to create short stories that are grouped together using popular hashtags, songs, or sound effects, users are able to populate new trends daily, which is partly the reason why TikTok is one of the most creative and entertaining social media platforms to date. 

This week, as we scrolled through our Discover page, we became fascinated by a number of new beauty trends that are starting to appear in real life as we attempt some of these looks to match our beautiful Black and Brown skin.

From Siren lips to Barbiecore nails, ahead are the top 5 beauty trends that we loved this week. 


According to Byrdie, applying white eyeliner in the shape, you desire (winged, cat eye, batwing, etc.) and blending in the brightest shade from your eyeshadow palette is all it takes to create LED Liner, which makes a bold beauty statement.

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A board-certified dermatologist and content creator, Dr. Whitney Bowe, started the concept, which entails utilizing specific products and active ingredients in a particular order to give the skin time to both receive treatment and recuperate from it. Beauty fans can now better grasp how frequently more potent products should be used on a daily basis to prevent severe irritability, thanks to the skincare method’s clear timetable.

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Use a lip liner that is slightly darker than the shade of your lipstick to outline your lips as normal. Extend the lip line slightly past the edge of your natural lips.

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Siren lip tutorial ❤️ do you wanna see a doe lip tutorial? #makeuptutorial #makeuphacks #makeuptips


This trend involves a lot of pink!

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hopping on the barbiecore trend with ‘STRANGEBERRY’ 💖 #barbiecore #barbienails #barbiepink #barbiecoreaesthetic #pinknails #naturalnails


With richer reddish tones, the copper trend still allows the most reserved to keep treading lightly while others can live on the wilder side. It makes sense that #copperhair on Instagram has over 1.1 million posts and over 92 million views on TikTok.

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Chile, I be so tired. Since I was an imfant smh. 😂 #blackgirltiktok #blackgirlmagic #naturalhair #redhair #naturalginger #ginger #thickhair #naturalredhead #diyblowout #silkpress

Check back next week as we explore what other beauty trends are taking over TikTok.

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